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The most powerful and large tracksled for tough jobs and professional tasks, equipped with two 15'' wide tracks, gearbox with a low gear and reverse and the latest Vanguard 408 professional series engine with increased torque.

It can move at an incline of up to 35° and carry a wide sled.


Snowdog Twin Track 2021 features:


  • Two 15'' wide tracks.
  • Professional series Vanguard® 400 engine.
  • New trolley-slider suspension improves cross terrain performance. Can be used with sliders removed.
  • Openable hood for easy engine and transmission maintenance.
  • Wide handlebar makes the steering easier and enlarges the luggage compartment.
  • Heated grips are controlled by a handlebar switch and ensure the ride will be comfortable.
  • Handguards which protect user’s hands against tree branches and cold wind.
  • Headlight is on the hood’s top for better lighting.

More Info:


SnowDog Twin Track V14 MER - unavailable this season


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